Simplicity 9825 – My first ever sewing pattern.

As soon as I got my sewing machine the urge to make something I could wear became all consuming.  I am very impatient.

I already had a large (and growing) collection of patterns and rummaged through to find something which looked relatively simple.  I figured a skirt would be a good place to start and picked out Simplicity 9825.

Ok, now that I had chosen a pattern I immediately started to feel not sew (ugh, sorry, I’ll try not to do that again) confident.

I know, I’ll Google it and see if anyone says anything about it being easy or what have you.

This was the first time I came across which I have come back to time and again.  It’s not a very ‘cool’ or ‘hip’ looking site but its members post reviews of patterns they have made and rate them in terms of difficulty and how much the end result resembles the picture on the front.  Members also post details of changes they have made, fabric etc.

Reassured that it was quite possible for me to make this skirt,  I then wondered what I could make it with… it would surely be mental to use nice fabric since I might be VERY BAD at sewing!

I decided to use an old duvet cover which had been languishing in a cupboard for many a year.  It’s actually quite nice as a duvet cover but I was under no illusions that it would make a stylish skirt.  Nevertheless, I chose to make view B (without the flaps) as I felt it was a sexier pencil shape than the other A line ones.

Sexy duvet skirt, Mmm Mmm.

My next panic was to do with the print, or even just that there was a print.  I had heard people talking about “pattern repeats” at work and how much extra fabric this meant would be required.  I sat and pondered this for far too long before deciding that it DID NOT MATTER one little bit for a first ever duvet skirt.  Phew, by this point my skirt had already taken up at least an hour of my life.

Cutting out the pattern took the next.  Oooh me knees!

It’s safe to say that I immediately started to deviate from the pattern instructions.  Not because I am a smartypants but because I am lazy and impatient at the same time.  Thanks goodness there was not much chance of getting this simple pattern wrong! I did spend some time Googling “What does baste mean?” and established that I should use a long stitch to hold the pieces together until using a neater and tighter stitch to finish.  I just pinned because I couldn’t see that increasing the stitch length made much difference.  This was before the machine had its first service and before I had a clue how to work the machine.

I had a zip kicking about from some unknown project and found it quite daunting but not impossible to put in with the help of my Folksy friend Hilary Haptree’s tutorial on coin purses.

The zip was pretty squint but I don’t think it was too bad for a first ever try!

Apologies for the pictures, I had no idea when I took them that I might like to blog this!

Simplicity 9825


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