Simplicity 7340 – Dress / Playsuit

I am the eldest of three sisters and since I was doing Handmade Christmas, I wanted to make my two gorgeous sisters something to wear.

So far I’ve made a sexy duvet skirt, a Snow White costume and a hot water bottle, I CAN DO THIS RIGHT?!

I was looking for something simple and that I could actually see them wearing rather than exchanging looks of “aw bless her, she made me a…I think it’s a….it’s a dress right?” and I found this pattern on ebay which although it looks hideously 90s features a dress and a playsuit.  Both my sisters have their own particular styles with Claire (the baby) rocking a few playsuits in her time and Cath (the middle) working a unique blend of vintage and bohemian.

I decided to make the shorter playsuit for Claire and the dress for Cath using some printed peachskin I got from Mandors.  The prints are great and it was only £3.99 a metre!

Red and black print

Turquoise wood effect print

This post will focus on Cath’s dress as Claire ran off to Australia before I could get a pic of her in her playsuit!  I’ll get her though.  Mark my words.

I learned a very valuable lesson from making these outfits:

Never cut a pattern from the tissue, always trace it first.

The sizing of this pattern is XS-XXL, for Claire I made the Medium and Cath the Small.  I regret to say that what I did was first cut the Medium and the pieces for the playsuit and then the Small.  I really liked this pattern and I can now never make it again apart from in the Small.  What a ninny.  I’d kill for another one!

The pattern was really easy to follow and I managed to make both of them in a relatively short space of time.  They both fitted well although Cath wanted her skirt shortened to above the knee which I did and it looks great.

Anyway, I’m sure you’ll agree that Cath looks gorgeous, she needs little help from me!



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