Sewing Stella

February features the birthday of our dear friend Carol.  It was Carol who gave me my beloved sewing machine and so I was really keen to make her something with it as a birthday gift.

Still high on the ‘success’ of Mr Kapow’s face hot water bottle I decided to try and do a ‘portrait’ of wee Stella, Carol’s trusty and adorable hound sidekick.

Stella is a Border Terrier which are very sweet and scribbly looking dogs.  She’s very expressive indeed and I wanted to to capture her character as well as her look.

First I chose a picture I liked of Stella

Then I traced it

I isolated the main shapes like her ears, nose and eyebrows and copied them on to, you guessed it -BONDAWEB!

BONDAWEB!  The base fabric I chose was a herringbone tweed remnant which reminded me of her scribbly texture

I cut the rest of her features from contrasting print fabric to add a little bit of quirk and more texture. The nose is leatherette, the eyes and muzzle black velvet and the eyebrows and nose er….tuft? printed cotton

fill in more detail

I used a messy zig zag stitch to secure the appliqued details to the background

a closer look

Once I had finished the ‘portrait’ and melted her poor wee nose with the iron! (gah!) I wanted to back it with a fabric to stratch over a canvas and used an old skirt which I felt suited the colours and would also tie in well with Carol’s vibe at home

Ta da! Last picture isn’t very good actually, sorry about that!


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