Ditsy Prints? Like, whatever.

American Jane Print by Fabric Rehab

Hi, I’m getting on my Soapbox today to bash some bandwagoning I’m feeling really quite snooty about.  I’ll just take a second to express my loathing for (among many others) the term: Ditsy Print.

Everyone is saying it all of a sudden Where on earth has it come from?!  I get the feeling that it’s meant to conjure up images of a “kooky”, “quirky”, “so random” female skipping around in a straw hat and gladiator sandals or going round in circles on a basketed vintage bicycle?

Is Sienna bloody Miller involved?!

If you think about it, the term ditsy is used pretty much exclusively to describe women and it means “easily confused”, “scatter brained” or “giddy” but in a really fun way.  I don’t think it’s necessarily a derogatory term but it pretty much means stupid, no?

The prints I have seen the term used to describe are small floral prints in girly colours, pretty much stereotypically feminine prints.  Women’s prints.  And don’t give me any crap about reclaiming femininity or empowerment through inversion of stereotypes.  Don’t you dare mention Sex and the City feminism or I swear I’ll have a fainting fit.

Why is it cool to be dimwitted, vacant and (sorry I gagged a little there) random?  Why don’t we spell things properly any more? Why do we say “like” instead of pausing? Why is it…..oh what’s the use?!

Why can’t we just call them florals like we used to?  Why does it have to be ditsy? I suppose I should just be grateful it’s not quirky or we’re not still on shabby chic.

All of y’all used to hate on florals for being frumpy and old fashioned but now that it’s ironic or something, now that it’s got a new name that’s all fun and silly, it’s like, the most obvious choice in the world!

And ditsy print is not the same as vintage ok?  We’ll talk about “vintage” another time.


One thought on “Ditsy Prints? Like, whatever.

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