Messenger Bag

I was looking around for something quick and self gratifying to make and a free pattern from Issue 10 of Mollie Makes, a really nice crafty and handmade magazine caught my eye.

It was a Messenger Bag made from vintage fabrics.  The one they had photographed was all ‘ditsy prints‘ (or whatever) and it was really pretty.

I wanted it, I wanted THEIR ONE!

Alas I had no gorgeous vintage fabrics but I did have some remnants from the curtain department in Mandors which are great for bags because the fabric tends to be a bit heavier and stronger and if you’re anything like me that’s a must because I do not go easy on bags! (see post on other blog)

I downloaded the templates from the Molly Makes website and sadly my remnants were a bit too small but I made a couple of adjustments and it worked out fine…

Curtain remnants plus lace trims which I didn’t use in the end


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