Apocalypse Sew

In January this year my friend Johanna (doe-eyed beauty, costumière extraordinaire, lady with a MASTERS in knitting and my current embroidery tutor) added me to a group on facebook called Apocalypse Sew.

The premise is this:

1. avoid buying ANY new clothes in 2012
2. to make lovely things to wear instead
3. to buy from charity and vintage shops
4. to mend your clothes rather than replacing them
5. to make the most of the clothes you already have

You can still buy underwear, hosiery and shoes.

At the time she added me I thought “what a great idea” and I actually told a few people I know about it but at no point did I decide to commit myself to the challenge.  Group members share patterns and pictures on the wall and I really enjoyed keeping up with it but then it kind of went out of my head….

…I’m so stoopid because I looked for the group recently and couldn’t find it.  Then I remembered that this was because I deleted my facebook account and started up a new one in order to have more control over content, privacy and who I’m friends with so I was no longer a member.  This would explain why I never saw anything from the group any more!

My other realisation made me feel particularly dim…while I had been impressed by the concept and very interested to see whether people were managing to keep it up…I haven’t actually purchased any new clothing this year myself.  Honest!  I haven’t!

I’ve been sitting here wracking my barely functional brain and I think the last item of clothing I actually bought was a red dress in the sale from Dunnes Store which is right next to Mandors around Christmas.  Funnily enough, I was quite surprised as I’d never been into the shop before and didn’t expect to find anything I liked.  I love this dress though.  I even love the little belt it came with and STOP PRESS! wear it with other things!

Um, yeah, I’m not a very good model. Neither am I very good at taking photos of my own self…you get the gist!

Phew, I digress!  What am I on about?!  Oh yeah!  Apocalypse Sew!  I wish I’d known I was doing this as I would have blogged and boasted about it quite a lot.  I may start doing posts about it with how many days à la Marisa Lynch and pretend I’ve been doing it all year so everyone thinks I’m super cool.

Speaking of Marisa Lynch, you should check her blog out.  I really enjoy it and it’s very much in keeping with the Apocalypse Sew mentality.

I’ll share some of my awesome (in my opinion) charity shop purchases and alterations with you from now on if you’re very good…

This post is a bit all over the place and I apologise, I’m tired.


3 thoughts on “Apocalypse Sew

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