First time Quilting

I already blogged about the dress I made for Stephen and Charlotte’s Wedding in June this year but THERE’S MORE!

This was such a lovely wedding and I’m truly sorry that I wasn’t able to take more pictures due to rookie style non charging of battery woe.  As I mentioned in my previous post, Charlotte’s very much a hand-made / vintage fan and this was reflected in many elements of the wedding from the miles of bunting to the vintage crockery.  I wanted to give them something really special an in keeping with this vibe that they might treasure for a long time.

I’m quite traditional about Wedding Gifts to be honest.  Each to their own but I do not agree with Gift Lists or asking for money towards things like honeymoon.

Disclaimer: to my friends and family who have done this, I am not judging or criticising you.  I am merely voicing an opinion to which I am entitled.

I get that people nowadays will spend a few years living together before they marry so will not have a need for the more home-makery style gifts and may not wish to have other people’s hideous tastes inflicted upon them.  However, I struggle a little with the sense of entitlement which seems to accompany weddings in general these days.

100 Wish Tree Tags – The Paper Sandbox on Etsy

To issue a Gift List is to assume that your guests can and will give you a gift (and more often or not they will) and I feel it’s less of a gift and more of an obligation in this sense.  Gosh, how did I get into this?

Personally, things have been tight for Mr Kapow and I over the last few years and sometimes the cost of even attending a wedding is rather crippling before you’ve even thought about buying a gift.  The other thing is obviously that if you buy something from a Gift List then the couple know exactly how much you have spent which is frankly none of their business and bears no real relation to how much they mean to you or how well you know them.

When we got married we asked for nothing, just the company of friends and family.  Those who wanted to and were able to gave us gifts and we gratefully received some beautiful, very thoughtful and amazingly creative gifts which will mean something to us forever and be passed down (hopefully) to future generations.  I don’t see the same value being placed in gifts you’ve essentially chosen yourself.

Right, off your Soap Box Madam!

Anyway, I love quilts. (You remember, this post was about a quilt!?)  Traditional American style patchwork quilts.  Not so much the more moderny ones, ones like these:

Old Fashioned Throw by Quilting Cabin on Etsy

Morning Glory Log Cabin by jimandglo on Etsy

I had never tried anything like this before but quilting is massive it would seem, especially if the customers in Mandors are anything to go by.  Maggie Milne teaches quilting classes in the shop and she’s a tremendously talented lady.  There are many of her quilts on display and I’ve spent many an hour marvelling at their neatness and colour composition.  You can see a wee interview with Maggie here on the Mandors Blog.

So inspired by Maggie and our many clever quilting customers I decided to have a bash at making a ‘love quilt’ for Stephen and Charlotte.  I chose mostly cream, yellow and green fabrics in the hope that it would be quite neutral and not too girly

I wasn’t really sure how to go about cutting the squares and designing my pattern but in the end I went for 10cm which worked out about 9cm including seams.  I grossly underestimated how much fabric I would actually need (I’m new!) so the resulting quilt was far smaller than I wanted it to be and I didn’t have any more fabric or time to make it bigger.

Here it is though, I was really pleased with how it turned out although my squares didn’t all line up perfectly (don’t tell Maggie!).




4 thoughts on “First time Quilting

  1. Awwww Connie that’s so lovely!

    I think I agree with you on the wedding list front but it is such a minefield isn’t it? On one hand if I’m going to give a present I don’t want it to be one of ten things that the couple receive but on the other, it’s nice to be able to give something with love and consideration? Hm.

  2. What a wonderful present! I’m sure they’ll treasure it.

    As for wedding gift lists and registries, I feel that most couples who make them do so for those family and friends who want to give them a gift but can’t think of what to give on their own, and not in an “I want this stuff and nothing else” kind of way. It may just be the way my friends and family are, though.

    Most of the people who invite me to their weddings expect me to give them a quilt (i.e. they know me.) Thank goodness the ones who are likely to get married have done so at this point.

    • Thanks for your lovely comment.
      You know, I hadn’t really thought about it from the point of view of people not knowing what to give so I will definitely modify my opinion accordingly. I still find them a bit tacky though and if you don’t know what to give you could always go for a voucher although that negates my point about the recipient knowing how much you’ve spent…..
      Vonnie’s totally right – it’s a minefield!!
      C x

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