Why’s everyone else so cool?

I don’t understand.  Why’s everyone else so cool?

Like headphones for example…

Any time you ever see Michael Phelps he’s got his headphones on, I guess he’s trying to channel out the noise and focus or whatnot but it made me think about the various things other people seem to wear with ease that I just cannot conquer.

Headphones are the worst.

Cool people seem to conceal the source of the cables about their person with effortless skill.  I’m guessing that they always have some sort of inside pocket or perhaps an under the arm gun holster style walkman hammock?!

I still call it a walkman because I’m one of those people who will never buy an iAnything even if they are the best thing around or do secretly want one.  This is because I fail to be able to justify the expenditure and also resent buying things from companies who monopolise markets ‘n’ that.

My laptop, incidentally, has Windows 7, HOWZAT for hypocrisy?!

I have one of these bad boys which I purchased in 2007 for £164.24.  It’s fine, it works, it’s a bit big and heavy but never mind.

ANYWAY, back to the wearing of the music whathaveyous… in a cool way.

I CANNOT work out what to do with the little beggars.

I have no jackets with inside pockets.  I also hardly ever wear trousers and most skirt or dress pockets are simply not suitable.

When I put the MP3 player in my outside jacket pocket the dangly cable invariably gets wrapped around something like a door handle or shopping trolley and in particular the strap of my handbag and then I end up ripping them from my ears every time I need my purse which seems to be often.

Sometimes I try putting it in my handbag but then it still gets all tangled or sinks to the bottom of the bag or the jack comes out or I zip it or it snags on my elbow and I rip the phones out of my ears which is VERY alarming and sometimes sore.  Plus, if you want to change the music you have to root around for it.

On the rare occasion I manage to put it in an inside pocket or underneath my clothing I find the clothes sook the cable downward and try to strangle me.

Once I tried keeping it in my waistband (no belt or pockets or bag).  This was most unsuccesful and potentially catastrophic for the longevity of my device.

Some people seem to have special ‘headphone holes’ in their clothing or in their bags but none of these things are remotely within my ‘style remit.’

Mostly I just leave the damn thing at home.




One thought on “Why’s everyone else so cool?

  1. That’s what the tiny clippy mp3 players are for, the obvious i-prefixed one or any number of supercheap ones. Sure you might need to shuffle a different random selection into it once in a while but that’s governed by your own botheredness. You have a device that plays music already, but you don’t have one that plays music wherever you actually are. A small, light one will let you clip it wherever you want, and clip up any excess of dangly cable.

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