Sometimes pinning’s best!

Since I started working in Mandors one of my favourite jobs has been the displays we get to do, especially those on the mannequins and especially around Hallowe’en! (Think I’m the only person who actually spells it like that!)

I remember just after I started being asked to do a Hallowe’en display dummy and how nervous I was.  I really wanted to have a go but I was scared that 1.  I’d make a fool of myself and 2.  I would waste fabric and get in trouble for it.  I was told to do “something Japanese” with some of the gorgeous brocades we had in stock and it took my hours to work up the courage to make this…

Brocade Kimono

Once you get going you realise just how much more you can do when you can stick a pin directly into the person!

This year I’ve been a bit more confident and adventurous and thought I’d share a couple of pictures of my dummies…

Queen of Hearts

Queen of Hearts again

Belle’s dress from Beauty and the Beast. This is what I spent all day today doing.


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