Give a little respect

I don’t understand why no one has any respect any more.

How’s that for an opening gambit?!  I’m serious though.  My mum has been staying with me for the last week as my Gran is in hospital following a big operation which has her recovering over 100 miles away from our native Oban.  There’s only so much time that Mum can spend at the bedside due to visiting hours etc so we’ve spent quite a lot of time in shopping centres, especially since there are only a handful of shops available for clothes in Oban.  Mum has to take advantage while she can.

Now, I work in a shop myself so I’m used to the strange and at times shocking behaviour of the general public but I found myself wandering around Braehead Shopping Centre with my mouth open in disbelief pretty much all the time.  I won’t bore you by getting on my soap box about obese children running around with fistfuls of McDonalds wearing horribly tight and age inappropriate clothes or the terrible language being used in front of them and directed towards them by their parents or whoever’s looking after them.  That’s not for this blog…

…I’m talking about people taking food and drinks into shops.

Sounds underwhelming there I know but it’s so disrespectful.  I saw one woman trying on a jacket while resting her open can of coke on a pile of folded up jumpers, another woman was stripping off in the middle of the shop to try on a jumper while her toddler wobbled about eating a tub of ice cream.

Ok, both of these incidents occurred in Primark and we probably don’t feel that sorry for the shop due to its practically disposable garment quality and alleged child labour exploits.  But that’s not the point to me.  The point is that I would never ever consider taking food or drink (that wasn’t in a resealable bottle safely stowed in my bag where the only thing it could damage was my own belongings) into a shop.  In fact, I would expect any sales assistant or security guard who saw me to be displeased and ask me to dispose of it before entering.

I am astounded at times by the number of people who think nothing of bringing a coffee into the shop I work in despite the fact that there are signs which clearly state that you shouldn’t.  Would you take one into a Wedding Dress shop?  Because it’s pretty much the same thing.  There’s stunning fabric in that shop worth a lot of money.  Not that long ago I found a roll of beautiful bridal lace worth £70 per metre with coffee stains on it.  That fabric is now ruined and because of someone’s thoughtlessness it means someone could have missed out on the perfect lace for their big day and a family run business is out-of-pocket.

Insurance Schminsurance, people have no respect any more and THAT’S THE POINT!

(Don’t worry, I didn’t buy anything Apocolypse Sew-ers!)


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