Vogue 8604 – High Waisted Trousers

I don’t really wear trousers (or breeks as my Dad calls them) which is mostly due to my height. I’m 5’11” with a 34″ inside leg and it is not easy to women’s trousers in that length that are not hideous or expensive.  I also have a real issue with hipster or whatever those tramp stamp/actual crack showing ones are called.  “Super low rise” are a super big mistake in my mind for anyone with any meat on their bones or simply a semblance of self respect.  Seriously, what is sexy about seeing someone’s pale, corned-beef ass cheeks with or without butterfly tattoo and/or primark quality underpunters (another one of my Dad’s terms for you there)?

I also simply prefer wearing a skirt or a dress.  Maybe it’s because it makes me feel more like a girl in a world where I’m taller and have broader shoulders than many men!  I’d been trying to find a pair of wide legged, high waisted trousers for aaaages but any I did find such as these from Vivien of Holloway and these from Tara Starlet were too short.

One of the many benefits of working in a fabric shop is access to discards on their way to the bin (patterns which have gone out of print and the store can no longer sell).  One I got my hands on in such a manner is Vogue  8604 which is a Very Easy Vogue pattern with a retro feel and the trousers were pretty much exactly what I had been looking for!


And then, just when I thought my luck couldn’t get any better, during the winter sale at Mandors I got my hands on this wool suiting for £3 a metre!

My first hurdle was obviously cutting the pattern and making sure the legs were going to be long enough.  According to my previous post on pattern sizing;  “Misses’ Patterns are designed with ‘average height’ in mind which is approx. 5’5” to 5’6” (1.65m to 1.68m)”.  That would be someone around 5″ shorter than me.  I was assuming that the inside length would be 30″ (why?  I’m not quite sure) and in my usual haphazard way decided that if I added 5″ to the length that would be fine and I could always shorten later.

This pattern needs a lot of fabric for trousers (normally in the shop people will just take their length from waist to floor) due to the width of the leg and the lengthening meant that instead of the 2.1m required I bought 2.5m and used pretty much every inch.

There was a mark on the pattern for where to lengthen but I’ll confess I struggled a little to work out whether to draw to the line then move the tracing paper down and try to keep the lines right or do it on two bits of paper and  move them apart then draw the line… eventually I managed to do it with a combination of both techniques.  To my surprise I ended up with two legs roughly the same length!

The pattern was super easy to follow, almost disconcertingly so.  I finished the trousers in record time.

For some fun details (and to fuel my red habit) I put in contrasting red pockets and zip.

When I tried them on at the end though they were about 3 inches too long which blew my mind a bit……?

Uh………ok……….. confusing but fixed easy enough.

Apologies for the lame background (lockers at work), lighting, poses and photoshoping…

I was so pleased with the trousers that this is the first pattern I’ve made more than once.  I picked up a camel coloured viscose (also in the sale for £3.00m) and got stuck in straight away…

…alas the result was not as brilliant this time because:

  1. The viscose is a lot softer than the wool and creases really badly
  2. I used the wrong weight of interfacing for the waistband meaning the waist doesn’t sit as well as the wool.  I could fix this but as yet have not.

Nevertheless, I now have another pair of breeks to wear!  I put in a black zip and pockets this time made from an old black pillow case.

Sorry about the apparent ‘tude in this pic, I asked Jamie to take one of me in the trousers then immediately got bored of posing



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