Happy Hallowe’en!


With my sewing machine still out of action and currently in the care of Pemberton’s of Stirling, I thought I would put up a couple of fun posts…


Hallowe’en signified the first anniversary of my career as a Mandorette0!  *bows, why thank you*


And if anywhere takes Hallowe’en seriously it’s Mandors!  Forget any other time of year, Hallowe’en is where it’s at Mandors wise!


When I first started working there I had NEVER made ANYTHING far less my own fancy dress costume so you’ll possibly remember how proud of myself I was when I managed to make my Snow White costume for last year.


We tried to dress up for the full week before the big event in an attempt to showcase the fabric and inspire our customers.


Snow White was there again but we had a Day of the Dead er…day and I claimed third prize in the staff competition with my Cleopatra Costume.



Day of the dead

My attempt at Day of the Dead Make-Up 


This was a last minute decision so I only had the make-up I already had in my kit.
I wanted a whiter base but never mind… These guys had better face paints!


Dia De Los Muertos Festival, Los Angeles, 11.01.10

Dia De Los Muertos Festival, Los Angeles, 11.01.10 (Photo credit: Rob Sheridan)


My Cleopatra Costume using Simplicity 1770 Photo credit: Denise Deutsch


I’m no Liz but I enjoyed myself!


Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra VII 2

Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra VII 2 (Photo credit: mharrsch)


Here’s my Snow White costume again…



Last (and this) year’s Snow White using Simplicity 2813
Photo credit: Denise Deutsch


Snow White (Disney)

Snow White (Disney) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)








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