Vogue 2012 Fall Collection Trumps!

Bah ha ha ha!

The 2012 Fall Collection book is in the shop now but we’ve been so busy that I haven’t really had a chance to have a look at it yet so since I’ve been off work for a few days with a tummy bug I thought I’d check them out on the website

I don’t know if it’s my own er… symptoms… which caused me to realise but while I was perusing the look book I couldn’t help but notice that one model in particular seems to have a touch of flatulence!

She’s trying her best to hold it in!


Hopefully that’s a sound proof wall!


Honestly.  Whoever came up with these ‘poses’ is my new hero!  FART!

Giggles aside, here are the patterns which tickle my fancy, some that don’t and whether I’d actually consider making them:

V8850 Vintage Vogue Misses Dress and Belt

Love it?  – Yes! I really like this shape, it’s so glamorous and elegant.  Very silver screen.  I’ll probably bear this in mind for a potential autumn wedding next year…

Difficulty Rating – Average

Do I need miles of fabric? – 3.3 – 4m

Would it be affordable to make – 3.3m so I’m guessing this could be made for under £40 dependent on what type of fabric.  It could cost as much as £100 in a good wool crepe though.

V8855 Misses’ Blouse

Love it?  – Uh…yes and no.  The version pictured doesn’t do much for me.  I don’t like the ‘boob squares’ which are not in fact pockets and make her chest look like a robot’s face.   There is a version however with actual pockets and long sleeves which I prefer and I like the larger bow version without the front ‘detailing.’

Difficulty Rating – Easy

Do I need miles of fabric? – Approx 1.5m

Would it be affordable to make – I think so yes.  I reckon this could be made in a nice cotton for about £15 (not incluing notions) although you could obviously spend a lot more and you get what you pay for!

V8859 Marcy Tilton Misses’ Pants


Love it?  – Initially no but after a little thought possibly.  I normally quite like Marcy Tilton patterns in theory but don’t think they would be ‘wearable’ for me as I’m quite a tailored shape girl and these are often quite baggy and shapeless which is not a look I can pull off on account of my curves.  I think these trousers in a nice jersey could be really nice, stylish and comfortable.  I like the rise, I like the leg shape and I think teamed with the right things these could be very versatile.

Difficulty Rating – Easy

Do I need miles of fabric? – Approx 1.5m (for me due to extra length, less for you shorties!)

Would it be affordable to make – Yes I think they would.  These could probably be made for between £15-£20.  I have a terrible time getting shop bought trousers I like or which fit me so I’d happily pay that much for a ‘wardrobe builder.’

V8861 Very Easy Vogue Misses’ jacket and Belt


Love it?  – Yes.  I love this.

Difficulty Rating – Easy

Do I need miles of fabric? – Approx. 3m

Would it be affordable to make – I know this says Very Easy Vogue but since I have never made anything like this before I would be a bit scared of the initial investment in fabric.  I would expect to pay in the region of £50 for my fabric here I think and while that’s nothing for a good winter coat it’s a lot to waste on something I may struggle with.

V1316 Misses’ Dress


Love it?  – No.   And I’ll tell you why….Aside from this dress not fitting this poor (flatulent) model properly and making her look lke she’s wearing a sack, I don’t like these panels which are intended to give shape I suppose.  To me this dress screams “woman in an office trying to be taken seriously while still being sexy.”  It’s common, it’s drab and I don’t like it.

Difficulty Rating – Average

Do I need miles of fabric? – Not really but you need to choose 4 which work together, it’s too much effort for a dress which looks like you bought it in Matalan.

Would it be affordable to make – I don’t really care.  If I want a dress like this I’ll just buy one.


Others I like include:

V8829 Misses’/Misses’ Petite Dress and belt.

Versatile pattern, lovely shape.

V8836 Very Easy Vogue Misses’ Pants

These high waisted trousers in two lengths look great, a good alternative to the OOP V8604.

V8840 Misses’ Top and pants

Good Lord!  My eyes!




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