Dad’s Christmas Jumper 2011

Last year I knitted Dad a jumper and it was a bit of a disaster…

It was obviously supposed to be finished and under the tree Christmas morning but it ran well behind schedule.  On Christmas morning poor old Pops unwrapped a pair or socks I bought in Watt Brothers and the pattern…


Now, I promise you I DID do a tension square and it seemed fine…

I really liked the chunky stitch

I really liked the chunky stitch

2012-02-19 12.15.42

but I knitted and knitted and it just got bigger and bigger!

(yes, I think that might indeed be my boob in the corner there…sorry about that!)

This pattern has a drop shoulder sleeve so I wasn’t too worried that the front and the back were both like sails.

I became very al-ARM-ed however when it came to the sleeves.  They were enourmous, each taking up a small sheep’s worth yarn.

I kept telling myself it would be ok though when it was made up… wrong I was!

By the time I had actually finished (a full 5 months after Christmas) and gave it to him I knew it wasn’t possible it would fit but was so darn heart sick about it having knitted solidly for an eternity I didn’t have the heart to unpick it and start again….

Dad's jumper

Bless him

Dad's jumper2


I tried again this year and you’ll be pleased to hear I finished it on time and that it did not require 1200g of yarn!

I’ll share as soon as I have a photo.


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