Jungle January:: Emmylou’s Cat Collar

Anne over at one of my favourite blogs Pretty Grievances, has masterminded a Jungle January Sew Along and I’ve been itching to join in.  I really wanted to buy some of this amazing leopard print lace Mandors have in stock right now but alas it’s January and my debit card hates me…


I don’t think I’ve mentioned it yet but at the start of January two kitty cats came to live with us Kapows.  We’d been talking about getting a kitten for a while and I’d finally managed to convince Mr when one of my relatives posted a picture on facebook of two gorgeous British Blues and an appeal for rehoming due to their owner being unwell.  I think I must have commented within about 5 minutes of the posting and by that weekend we were driving home with them.

They’re brother and sister, they’re 5 in April and they’re wonderful.  We named them Seamus (after my little sister’s teddy who was the same colour) and Emmylou (after the most beautiful grey haired woman in the world).  In particular Mr Kapow who has never had a cat before is like putty in their paws…



Seamus is very friendly and laid back if a little scared of his big sister who tends to beat him up.  She’s definitely the dominant one and their previous owner had mentioned that the reason she wore a bell was so he could hear her coming.  This turned out to be particularly appropriate in the first few weeks when they were getting settled.

Her collar however had seen better days and I was itching to make her a new one because she’s my new baby and I don’t have a real one to dress ok?!


Her old collar (which was good actually, it’s reflective with a nifty paisley design) was elasticated but I had a couple of breakaway buckles which I got on ebay.  These are designed to come undone if the collar gets snagged on something, particularly if you have an outdoor cat.

I chose a nice soft leopard print cotton from my stash and measured the old collar to get an idea of a good length, then I added a couple of inches figuring if it was too long I could just shorten it.

I had also bought a “small animal” harness on Ebay with the idea of taking them out to the garden on a lead until they got used to their new home and also because I’m quite scared of the road we live near.  British Blues are not really “small animals” though especially since their fur is so dense it gives them a lot of bulk.  The harness was so too small it was ridiculous.

I was however glad I had bought it because it had adjusters on it I could cannibalise for the collar.

Small Animal Harness or Cat Corset!

Small Animal Harness or Cat Corset!

I snipped off the adjusters and will find a use for the other bits too, don’t you worry.

I thought I’d get wonky faced owl to model for me as he doesn’t move as much as Emmy…

Thanks Wonky Faced Owl.

Thanks Wonky Faced Owl.

But then to my surprise her ladyship turned out to be an excellent model

Emmylou in her cute new collar.  Seamus is safe once more.

Emmylou in her cute new collar. Seamus is safe once more.

Make sure you get my best side darling

Make sure you get my best side darling

A little bit pouty

A little bit pouty

Ok human, that's enough!

Ok human, that’s enough!


***Sorry to anyone who was looking for the tutorial I had on this post, I decided to take it down because I have started making these collars to sell.  I hope you understand.***


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