Brighton Pavilion Rendezvous!


My trusty 507 broke down on me in October while making my Brighton Pavilion top.  The repair took a could of weeks to get done and set me back £75 whole pounds for replacement gears and service (same one as last time).  Incidentally, that same week my car needed a new battery and my Samsung Galaxy S II had to be sent away by O2 for a replacement electrical board.  The curse of threes eh?

I let the top languish in a pile for almost three months while things like Christmas and other projects like kitty collars took precedence.  You’re not a true craftswoman/man/beast in my opinion if you don’t have a bag/box for “stuff I started and need to finish.”  Mine includes several alterations I’m supposed to have done for my sister, a leopard print pencil skirt, a laptop case, a dress and Colette Sencha.

Anyway, I can officially pat myself on the back now as the Anne Adams Brighton Pavilion top is finished!

Not exactly a Kays Catalogue pose but you get the jist!

Not exactly a Kays Catalogue pose but you get the jist!
Photo credit: Konnie Kapow



4 thoughts on “Brighton Pavilion Rendezvous!

  1. Cute top! I vote that you definitely need to get to work on that leopard print pencil skirt. It sounds awesome. 🙂

    Sorry you had to face your curse of threes, but maybe that means your off the hook for a little while. 🙂

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