Iconic Dresses:: My First Barbie 1989

I know so far all of my iconic dresses have been very 80s but I can’t help it, I was born in ’83 so my first exposure to ‘fashion’ was very well….80s!

I grew up on a farm and my sisters and I didn’t have many overly girly toys.  Barbie was of course  something of a celebrity in the 80s toy world, she was expensive though so I only ever had two real ones.  The rest were the flimsier, non bending plastic type, I may have had a Sindy doll too….I can’t remember though.

The first Barbie I owned was brought by Santa.  She was aptly called “My First Barbie 1989” and I’m going to assume I got her in 1989!  I loved her dress which had big puffy (80s) sleeves and a shiney irridescence.  She was a Princess and in accordance with my usual standards in naming things, I called her Princess Barbie.

Alas I don’t know what happened to Barbie.  There was a small housing development next door to my Gran’s house and we dug a series of tunnels in the massive sand pile left by the builders.  Several dolls (including Belinda with the purple hair) and other toys have been MIA since that day, she might have been one of them.

My First Barbie 1989 Image with kind permission from www.marsbarbie.blogspot.com

My First Barbie 1989
Photo credit: http://www.marsbarbie.blogspot.com

My First Barbie 1989 image with permission by www.marsbarbie.blogspot.co.uk

My First Barbie 1989
Photo credit: http://www.marsbarbie.blogspot.co.uk

Funnily enough I bought a dress pattern on ebay last year with a view to making it for my bro in law’s wedding, see any resemblence?

Simplicity 9558 Jessica McClintock Vintage Pattern

Simplicity 9558 Jessica McClintock Vintage Pattern


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