Apocalypse Sew:: Green and White Horseshoe Print 70s Dress

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaages ago now I wrote about Apocalypse Sew and said that I would post about some of my vintage finds however I am not a very consistent blogger so I never did. UNTIL NOW!  I hope through these posts to demonstrate how easy  and affordable it is to live without buying new clothes.

I don’t pretend to be someone with any expertise in fashion and dating vintage items* but I reckon this dress is from the 70s due to its shape and the fabric.

Belted Greena and White print dress

Belted Green and White print dress
Photo credit: Konnie Kapow

I love wearing this dress because it gives a great shape and also I love the bold colour print, especially the larger contrasting collar, button band and cuffs.

I always wear it with this leopard brooch (a gift from an amazing lady Mr Kapow used to work with called Patsy) and hot pink lipstick and accessories.

Vintage Leopard brooch with malachite eyes

Vintage Leopard brooch with malachite eyes
Photo credit: Konnie Kapow

I bought the dress in Vintage Guru on Byres Rd for £7.50.  In fact, my sister bought it for me on my birthday.  I find Vintage Guru in genral very reasonable and they have a good range of stuff.

*You know what I mean, dating not dating!  If you own vintage items and consider them more than friends in a Lars and the Real Girl sorta way then you’re on the wrong blog my friend.  However, please email me because I’d like to know more.


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