Invisible Zipper Tutorials :: Show me a garment please or why patterns are wrong!

Invisible Zips aren’t hard to do.

But they’re hard to remember HOW to do!

I’ve been sewing a few years now and during that time have put in more than a few invisible zips but for the life of me I’ve never been able to memorise the process, especially since I’m self / internet taught to a large extent.  Perhaps if I was doing it every day but for the meantime I almost always resort to an online tutorial to jog my memory, especially for the part where I’m doing the second side and trying to work out which way it should be twisted round, y’know?

Tutorials I love and find very clear are:

Installing an Invisible Zipper (with video) by The Coletterie

This one by By Hand London I find particularly good because they’re using the same rubbish little plastic foot I have.  I have the little ikea ironing board too which is so useful for sewing!

So these are great but you will notice that they both (and most other ones you’ll find online and in books) depict garments (or sample fabric) which are left open at the seam where you are installing the zip.  It has taken me until now to realise that this is intentional and not just annoying.

Patterns always tell you to sew the zipper seam up to a certain point THEN install the zipper which I have SELDOM managed to achieve without a wee snag / bumfle where it meets the existing hem line.  It works a LOT better the way shown in these tutorials however I have been frowned at for doing this by my very experienced and puritan Sewing Club Captain!

I for one would really appreciate an Invisible Zipper Tutorial which showed a zip being installed into an actual garment like a dress.

The other thing I would like to see or for someone to explain properly to me is how to “treat” or “deal with” the top of the zip. I’ve seen it folded down etc but can’t seem to find anywhere a definitive “lesson” on this when it comes to facings or bindings.

Do you know what I’m talking about or is the reason I’m not finding any help down to my inability to explain myself to you and / or Google?!

I’m off, Strictly’s on.


One thought on “Invisible Zipper Tutorials :: Show me a garment please or why patterns are wrong!

  1. Yes! I would love a tutorial on how to finish the top of the zip with the facing. At the minute I just turn it down hard and handsew fast before it pops up again!!

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